Senator Smith Delivers on Budget Promises

Malcolm A. Smith

April 02, 2014

Senator Smith Delivers on Budget Priorities
Albany, NY) - State Senator Malcolm A. Smith (D-Hollis) is proud to announce that he was able to deliver on his budget promises, securing programs and funding that will benefit his district.
Some of those key accomplishments include: $613 million from the JP Morgan settlement to help mitigate areas impacted by foreclosure.  "As we all know, Southeast Queens was ground zero for the foreclosure crisis, but thanks to Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, this settlement fund will go a long way toward mitigating the negative impact foreclosures have had on our community," Smith said.

In addition, $3 million will go to Operation SNUG Anti-Gun Gang Violence Program, which was started in 2009, and has had a direct impact on gang and gun violence in Southeast Queens. "We look forward to continuing that success and improving the quality of life for the residents of our district," Smith said.

Senator Smith highlights the $30 million to York College (for construction of the Academic Village and Conference Center).  "I have been fighting to make York a focal point of Southeast Queens and this $30 million in funding will go a long way towards its progress in becoming a central economic and academic institution, serving the entire community," Smith said.

 The additional budget accomplishments that affect the 14th Senate District of Southeast Queens include:


  •  $1 million for Affordable Housing
  •  $2 billion for Smart School Technology Program
  •  $55 million for Health Information Network
  •  $1.2 billion for healthcare capital projects
  •  $1.5 billion for Universal Pre-K ( $300 million each year for five years)
  •  $150,000 for Local Development Corporations - Laurelton, Rosedale, Springfield Gardens
  •  $7.6 million for four nursing homes (including St. Albans VA)
  •  $55 million New York State Health Information Network
  •  $32 million for charter school stimulus
  •  $8 million for after school programs
  •  1.1 billion for NYC public schools (foundation aid)
  •  $1.6 million Neighborhood Preservation Program (NPP)


Learn more about the 2014 budget here.

Senator Smith said: "In October 2013, I outlined priorities I would pursue on behalf of the 14th Senate District in letters sent to the commissioners of various agencies. The items were affordable housing, foreclosure mitigation and assistance, anti-gun and gang violence programs, technology upgrades for schools and capital investments in healthcare. In the coming months I will be reporting on how my seniority, years of experience and relationships in the legislature has and will benefit  constituents through these budget accomplishments."

The enacted budget caps spending at 2% or less for the fourth year in a row. It delivers property tax relief to struggling homeowners and small businesses; includes a 5% increase in school aid; establishes universal, full-day pre-K for every child in the state; protects charter schools; and makes important investments in healthcare, the environment and infrastructure.

Videos of Senator Smith speaking about the budget on the senate floor can be viewed here and here