Senator Smith, Democratic Majority Helps Seniors Beat the Summer Heat

Malcolm A. Smith

July 07, 2010


Includes low income families and disabled, helps them afford home cooling needs


(Albany, NY) -Senate President Malcolm A. Smith announced the passage of Senate legislation (S2276) that would help seniors, the disabled, and qualifying low-income families purchase air conditioners or afford their utility bills during the heat of the summer months.


With the onset of summer temperatures heat waves can threaten the health of seniors and people with disabilities who do not have access to air conditioning.  Energy bills have gone up by as much as 40% recently, and are expected to continue rising.  Higher bills in a sluggish economy could be a lethal combination for many low-income people.


“Our citizens shouldn’t face health risks because of high utility costs,” said Senator Smith.  “This program serves an invaluable purpose, helping citizens stay safe and comfortable in the summer heat.”


Energy prices always surge in the summer, when electricity is in use more than any other season of the year.  Summer cooling, especially in urban areas, will become even more expensive over time, when energy shortages are expected.  The legislation aims to control these costs for those who most need protection from the extreme temperatures.


This legislation has also passed the Assembly. For more information visit: