Senator Smith Honors Queens Educator As Constituent of The Month

Malcolm A. Smith

July 29, 2010

(St. Albans, NY) – Senate President Malcolm A. Smith honored Harriett Diaz, Principal of Renaissance Middle School, IS 192, as his July Constituent of the Month.


“ Ms. Diaz is a huge asset to Southeast Queens and it seemed fitting to honor her. She has been educating children in her community for decades and deserves to be recognized. ” said Senator Smith.


Harriett Diaz was born and raised in Jamaica, New York where she attended the public schools within Community School District 29.  As a life-long learner, she believes that learning never stops.  She has earned a B.A. in Government and Public Administration; a M.A. in Elementary Education; a M.S. in Instructional Technology and a Professional Diploma in Supervision and Administration. 

Harriett has planted roots in the communities of Southeast Queens.  She accepted her first teaching assignment at PS 16Q, The William C. Hughley School, which was the elementary school she attended as a child.   Having walked those familiar hallways as a child, it became her ambition to give back to the community in many more ways.  After eleven years in the classroom, Harriett began her journey to assist teachers with curriculum advancement and became an Instructional Specialist within District 29.  She later went on to become the District Science Staff Developer.  The science world knows her best for her written commentary and student work samples highlighted in the New York City Performance Standards Manual.

Harriett joined the IS 192 administrative team in 1999 as Assistant Principal. She used each position as a stepping stone and continues to climb the educational ladder.  She proudly serves the community as the Principal of The Renaissance Middle School, IS 192 in St. Albans.  Over the past nine years, she has redesigned the school into smaller learning communities by securing numerous grants, partnerships with St john’s University, All-stars NY after-school programs, York college, Black Spectrum Theatre, Creative Outlet Dance Theatre and the Center for Educational innovation-Public Education Association (CEI-PEA).

As a result of Harriett’s educational experiences, she serves as a member of the National Association of University Women, Queens Branch; Scholarship Co-Chair Lady for the African-American/Caribbean Education Association, Inc. and conducts workshops for various professional organizations. 

She is a member of the Greater Allen Cathedral, where she receives her strength and spiritual guidance which enables her to provide leadership to so many. 

Harriett is the proud mother of Brooke Marie; and if asked, she’ll respond that Brooke is her greatest achievement. She credits all of her success to God and realizes that having a civic minded mother and a no nonsense father throughout her childhood, has made her the individual that she is today.









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