Senator Smith Urges MTA To Review Complaints Regarding Access A Ride Service

Malcolm A. Smith

January 30, 2006

State Senator Malcolm A. Smith (D-Queens) today released a letter he wrote to the Executive Director of the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) regarding complaints made by passengers of the Access A Ride service. In his letter, the Senator asks the MTA to investigate the matter.

"I’ve heard numerous complaints from my constituents in Southeast Queens regarding this service and felt it was necessary that I reach out to the MTA directly regarding this issue," said Senator Smith. "For the passengers who utilize the Access A Ride to be subjected to rude drivers, late or no-pickups and uncomfortable seating, among other inconveniences, is unacceptable."

The Queens lawmaker noted that he recently received a response from the MTA stating that they would investigate the matter and respond to the Senator directly.

"The MTA was responsive to my initial outreach to them and I am hopeful that I will receive a detailed response regarding their investigation of this issue," said Senator Smith.

According to 2003 complaint statistics, over 1,800 (44%) out of 4,095 passengers reported that the carrier did not show up, causing them to miss their trip and over 400 (11%) reported that the driver was rude or verbally abusive.

"These statistics are disturbing to say the least. It is the MTA’s responsibility to provide a safe and timely mode of transportation to millions of passengers every day. The Access A Ride service falls short, and needs to be remedied," said Senator Smith.

"I hope to have something positive to report back to my constituents in the near future regarding the MTA investigation," concluded Senator smith.