State Senator Malcolm A. Smith Asks President Bush To Intervene On Behalf Of New York State

Malcolm A. Smith

September 07, 2005

In a recent letter to President George W. Bush, State Senator Malcolm A. Smith (D-Queens) implored him to intervene on behalf of New York State citizens who are suffering economically because of outrageous gas price increases.

"I felt the need to contact the President on behalf of my constituents. In every community in New York, hardworking individuals are desperately trying to keep up with rapidly rising gas prices. From August 30th to August 31st alone, gas prices rose 50 cents a gallon in just one night! These increases are difficult to keep up with and are having a negative effect on communities throughout the State," said Senator Smith.

In his letter to the President, Senator Smith specifically addresses concerns about price gauging. "While a natural correlation exists between tragedy and supply of goods into the marketplace, I am not personally aware of any evidence that would cause such a massive jump. This is a situation which bears the scrutiny of your Executive Office, specifically the Federal Trade Commission, and the energy and imprimatur that is associated with it."

"The State Senate is due to reconvene on September 20th so that we can address this crisis. Still, I am hopeful that the President will realize that New Yorkers are truly buckling under this gas crunch. We need his leadership on this issue," said Senator Smith.