State Senator Malcolm Smith Urges Suny Chancellor To Include Minority And Women Owned Businesses In Procurement Activities

Malcolm A. Smith

May 09, 2006

State Senator Malcolm Smith (D-Queens) today released a letter he recently wrote to SUNY Chancellor John Ryan regarding the Legislature’s review of SUNY’s procurement process. In his letter the Senator details his concerns over SUNY’s effort in contracting with minority and women owned businesses.

"I felt the need to reach out to Chancellor Ryan to share my distress over the lack of outreach to minority and women’s businesses. I think it is important that we examine this issue and encourage SUNY to take a look at its contracting practices," said Senator Smith.

In Senator Smith’s letter to the Chancellor he details his support for adequate funding for the SUNY system as well as his concern over the current procurement process. The Senator went on to describe a piece of legislation he is sponsoring that would call for more accountability measures and enforcement of inclusion efforts on behalf of minority and women’s business enterprises.

"I am committed to ensuring that minority and women owned businesses are given the opportunity to flourish, the same opportunity as other businesses in the state. I hope that by introducing this legislation I can renew New York’s commitment to developing minority and women businesses," said Senator Smith.

"I am confident that the Chancellor will be receptive to my concerns and review this issue. The SUNY system has certainly embraced the opportunity to be a partner in the economic development of the state and I know that they are committed to the betterment of our state as a whole," concluded Senator Smith.