Statement from Senate Majority Leader Malcolm A. Smith

Malcolm A. Smith

May 08, 2009

“It is urgent that we immediately move ahead with re-development of the two most critical projects in our City – the World Trade Center and Moynihan Station. Today I applaud the Governor and Speaker Silver for proposing to push the World Trade Center project ahead by convening all stakeholders to resolve the outstanding issues that have blocked necessary action.  It is incumbent upon them to immediately resolve their differences and get redevelopment underway. 
As a former real estate developer and builder, I stand ready to help facilitate that discussion and offer my assistance in any way.
The disappointment that New Yorkers—and indeed all Americans—feel at the prospect of these projects running off the track is unfair, particularly given the number of setbacks these historic sites have faced over the years.
The stakeholders need to act and figure out a way to work together in the best interests of all New Yorkers.”