Statement from Senate Majority Leader Malcolm A. Smith

Malcolm A. Smith

April 24, 2009

“I congratulate Congressman-elect Scott Murphy on his victory and for running a very impressive issues-driven campaign that focused on people’s concerns—what I call the kitchen table issues. And I very much look forward to partnering with the congressman-elect as we work on the state and federal level to get the economy back on track and with new leadership, bring businesses and jobs back Upstate.

As a result of years of deregulation of the markets and greed, the economy we inherited is in shambles. Scott recognized this and offered solutions. Despite a daunting enrollment disadvantage, he showed that a good idea is not Democratic or Republican. In the end voters said ‘no thanks’ to politics as usual.

I had no doubt that Scott could win this race. His vision, his story, and his beliefs clearly resonated. He went from being unknown to winning to this race because he earned the voters’ trust.

We all win with Scott Murphy’s election.”