Statement From Senate President Malcolm A. Smith, Majority Leader Pedro Espada, Conference Leader John L. Sampson and Senate Finance Chair Carl Kruger

Malcolm A. Smith

July 14, 2009

“The next Chairman of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) must understand how to meet the needs of the largest transit system in the world; one that brings people to their jobs, students to school, and connects communities across the region. 

With oversight responsibility and jurisdiction vested in the Senate, it is our responsibility to make sure the next MTA Chairman can run the ship better than his predecessors.  As the recent MTA bailout debate proved – the MTA needs new management and must deliver greater transparency and accountability. 

We intend to hold several joint hearings in the MTA region as we move forward with this confirmation. We look forward to meeting Mr. Walder and bringing him before our respective committees to exchange ideas about MTA management, the need to protect commuters from greater fare increases, and the imperative to improve service and better manage capital projects.”