Statement from Senator Malcolm A. Smith Re: State of the Union Address

Malcolm A. Smith

January 26, 2011

“ I applaud President Barack Obama for his leadership and innovative vision to create jobs and reduce the economy’s deficit.


“As the President stated in his address, revolutions in technology have transformed the way we live, work and do business and therefore we must invest in 21st century initiatives such as high speed rail to compete in this high tech global economy. His vision of high speed rail being accessible to 80 percent of the country in 25 years is commendable and obtainable.


“As a staunch supporter of high speed rail, I understand that investing in our infrastructure, specifically by building a rail system that can move people and goods in a faster, more efficient way will create jobs and grow our economy.

“The future of America depends on meeting the demands of a new age. Under the leadership of President Obama, and with the creativity and determination of the American people, our nation will continue to grow and prosper.”




  (Malcolm A. Smith is the New York State Senate Immediate Past President Pro Tempore (2008-10)