Statement From State Senate Democratic Leader Malcolm A. Smith

Malcolm A. Smith

December 05, 2008

We have already made known our objections to the Senate Investigations Committee's current proceedings. As I have said before, enough is enough. It is time to get back to the people's business, including such important measures as property tax relief, paid family leave and efforts to promote job growth.

Nonetheless, there are some disturbing questions that need to be answered.

If the Senate Majority are planning to continue their inquiry into the matter regarding the Governor's office, while two other independent investigations continue simultaneously, they must include the matter of Mr. Stone's threatening phone call in their review.

I am personally endorsing Senator Stachowski's call issued earlier today for an investigation into these allegations regarding Mr. Stone. The Committee must:

• Ascertain how much Roger Stone was involved in the Senate
Majority's government business;

• Ascertain whether or not Mr. Stone conspired to use the
government entity of the Senate Investigations Committee to
harm a political opponent;

• Inquire into the extent to which Mr. Stone directed or advised
the investigation by the Senate Investigations Committee;

• Inquire into whether or not Mr. Stone discussed with any
government officials his intent to threaten the Governor's father;

• Ask for the Senate Majority to preserve all documents
pertaining to communications between Mr. Stone and the Senate Majority.

Now is the time to get back to the people's business of passing important legislation on behalf of hardworking New Yorkers.