Stop The Violence

Malcolm A. Smith

June 03, 2008

(ALBANY, NY – June 3, 2008 – Senate Democratic Leader Malcolm A. Smith (D – Queens) spoke before the Albany Gun Violence Task Force discussing recent shootings across the state.

"We are losing a battle much greater than any one official can combat," said Senate Democratic Leader Malcolm A. Smith (D – Queens). "As public officials, clergy, and community leaders, we must take a more aggressive approach to coming up with solutions to stop the growing amount of gun violence on our city streets."
Senate Democrats have created 'Operation SNUG', the word 'guns' spelled backwards.
This initiative will consist of:

S treet intervention and stopping the violence 
•     violence interrupters
•     support for police and law enforcement
N ational state local funding support 
•     funding for all alternatives
•     legislation that can help implement solutions
U se of celebrities and centers 
•     public relations and materials
•     existing community centers, new bunkers and community offices
G angs, guns, gainful employment
•     real-world gang awareness and prevention initiatives
•     connections to employment and economic alternatives