Working New Yorker’s Woes Focus Of Senate Democrats Roundtable Discussion

Malcolm A. Smith

September 04, 2008

(BUFFALO, NY) –Senate Democratic Leader Malcolm A. Smith (D-St. Albans) joined prominent labor leaders in Western New York in an informal discussion about pressing concerns of the labor community on Wednesday, Sept. 3. 

The focus of the discussion was the need for good paying jobs in Upstate communities and the need for the Legislature to take immediate action to get people back to work. 

“In the last legislative session, the Republican-controlled Senate failed to enact important proposals sponsored by Senate Democrats to stimulate the Upstate economy and rebuild a once-thriving workforce,” said Senator Smith. 

The partisan divide in Albany has hindered the ability of Democrats to push for, and pass, progressive legislation that would assist New York's workers. Senator Smith has made Buffalo the focus of repeated visits as part of the Senate Democrats commitment to "One New York:" a concerted effort to rebuild the Upstate economy and strengthen statewide development.  

“Reducing spending is important, but cutting a budget is not a program. Working New Yorkers, including many of our friends in the labor community need a long term plan to generate revenue and strengthen the economy," said Senator Smith. "We need to protect good paying jobs and create new ones. And we need to ensure that state taxpayer dollars are not used to subsidize firms that outsource New York jobs." 

Senator Smith met with the labor representatives to discuss issues important to New York workers.  

"The roundtable was an opportunity to hear concerns directly from tradesmen and craftspeople. To remain in New York, these workers rely on prevailing wage jobs,” said Senator Smith.  

“Senate Democrats are committed to a strong investment in job creation and protection which will benefit all New Yorkers, particularly those Upstate who have been hit the hardest by the struggling economy.”