Senator Mattera Supports Suffolk County Sports Parents

As our young athletes start to get back on the field and, hopefully, back to normal life, it is imperative that we make sure that we allow their parents to enjoy this part of their life with them.  For some families, competition days are extremely important bonding experiences that are vital to their families.  To help ensure that all of our athletes can have this fabric of family life back, I have sent a letter to Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone calling on him to allow spectators to enjoy youth sports together safely.

These young men and women have already missed so much and this change would allow them to enjoy some normalcy in what has been an extremely difficult time.  Nassau County is permitting limited spectators and New York State has agreed to the policy.  It just makes sense to allow Suffolk County parents to finally enjoy the victories and commiserate the defeats with their children.

County Executive Bellone did the right thing when he allowed “high-risk” sports to return to our County and we have every confidence he will come through for our parents now.  It means so much to our parents and our children.