Grisanti Announces 'Veteran of the Month' recognition to start in 2014

Mark Grisanti

December 15, 2013

Senator Mark Grisanti, (R, I-60) member of the Veterans, Homeland Security and Military Affairs committee, announced today that he is currently accepting nominations for a new program that will recognize a local military veteran each month during the 2014 calendar year.


This special "Veteran of the Month" recognition will highlight the bravery of local men and women who have bravely served our nation by showcasing their personal stories on the senator's website and in the local media.


"All military veterans deserve our continued respect, recognition and admiration for the decision they made to serve, defend and protect our country," said Senator Grisanti, who serves on the New York State Senate's Veterans, Homeland Security and Military Affairs Committees. "By sharing these monthly stories with my constituents, I hope to honor some of the local service men and women from Western New York."


Senator Grisanti will work closely with his Veterans Liaisons office, which is staffed by two veterans to review the monthly nominations. Veteran liaisons Ron Deschenes and Michael Little both served this country proudly and they pledge to "leave no veteran behind."


Grisanti also has support from the American Legion on this initiative:


"The American Legion fully supports the effort of Senator Mark Grisanti to implement the Veteran/Active Duty Member of the Month program.  It is important for us to show our gratitude to all our veterans for the sacrifices they make while they are defending us and for their continued involvement to the community and veterans in need after their service commitment is completed.  We are happy to participate." Joseph Porempski, Department Vice Commander of the the American Legion 


"One of my top priorities when I am in Albany and when I am representing my constituents here in Western New York is to make sure that all of those who served our country are given the respect they deserve," said Grisanti. "We assist any and all veterans who reach out to us. I remain dedicated to helping those who sacrificed so much to protect our country and our way of life."


To nominate someone for the Veteran of the Month honor, you can either visit , send an e-mail to or call (716) 854-8705.