Grisanti leads Western New York Delegation with most bills passed in New York State Senate

Mark Grisanti

July 08, 2014

An independent report shows New York State Senator Mark Grisanti (R, I-60) was one of the Empire State's busiest and most productive lawmakers, according to a recently released study of legislation that passed this session in both the New York State Senate and New York State Assembly.

Grisanti passed 54 pieces of legislation in the New York State Senate which is the most of any Western New York Law maker in the 2014 legislative session.


Out of all 63 Senators, Grisanti was ranked seventh. In 2013, Grisanti passed 42 bills in the Senate.


Additionally, Grisanti ranked second out of Western New York lawmakers with passing 20 bills in both houses.

"I am proud to be at the top of this list once again for passing these important bills through the Senate," said Grisanti. "I only would have hoped for the Assembly to take up these bills, which included additional funding for schools, tax relief for New York residents and increased criminal penalties to those who break the law."


In total Senator Grisanti sponsored 184 pieces of legislation.


In addition, Sen. Grisanti had perfect attendance in 2014 and has never missed a vote in his four legislative sessions.


"I will continue to work for the people of my district and continue to pass legislation that will lower taxes, create jobs, help veterans and help education," said Senator Mark Grisanti. "I look forward to continue to represent the 60th Senate district and finish the work we have started."


The New York Public Interest Research Group is a New York State-wide student-directed, non-partisan political organization that has been in operation since 1973.

The full report can be found by clicking the link below: