Grisanti Legislatio​n Allows School Districts to Raise Additional Revenue for the Classroom Passes Senate

Mark Grisanti

June 18, 2014

Senator Mark Grisanti recently announced that he has sponsored and passed legislation in the Senate that would allow the board of education of any school district to enter into a contract for the sale of advertising space on school athletic fields owned or leased by the school district. The school district would keep 100% of the revenue.

Current law does not allow school districts to enter into agreements to advertise on athletic fields.

Senator Mark Grisanti:

"I have heard from the schools in my district and they all need additional funding and resources. We must find other creative ways to increase school revenue without raising taxes, this legislation does just that."     

Mark P. Mondanaro, Ken Ton Superintendent of Schools:

"We appreciate Senator Grisanti's sponsored legislation regarding advertisement revenue.There is some state history with this subject but that was a long time ago. We are clearly in a changed economy and alternative sources of revenue need to be pursued. The Senator understands that and he is working to achieve that goal for the benefit of our students." 

Dr. Richard Jetter, Hamburg CSD Superintendent of Schools:

"Finally, it is recognized that school districts have limited ways to raise revenue. While we do not want to advertise or "brand" our students to death, there are creative and positive ways to do this in order to raise revenue for our students' education and the programs that we are trying to maintain. We are excited about this opportunity and thank the Senator for his advocacy of our school districts."

Dr. James P. Newton, Tonawanda City Superintendent of Schools:

"With the New York State Tax Cap and the need to keep taxes lower, Senator Grisanti has sponsored legislation to help districts increase funds with advertisement revenue. School districts are looking to seek creative ways for raising revenue.  Appropriate advertising on athletic fields,  approved by Boards of Education,  will not only help school districts financially, but it will also promote the business that advertises and 100% of the generated revenue will remain in the school district."

James E. Przepasniak, Lake Shore Central Superintendent of Schools: 

"We are grateful for Senator Grisanti's efforts to look at additional revenues to support schools during these financially challenging times. Our local business community supports our students and athletic program in a variety of ways. This legislation allows for that support to be showcased through new venues.  Our Board of Education would look to utilize this legislation when enacted. Senator Grisanti's efforts on our behalf are appreciated."
This legislation would create a way for school districts to raise extra revenue. This is not a mandate but rather an option for school districts and all ads must be approved by the local board of education.

Ads strictly prohibited are those for tobacco or alcohol products or for political advocacy.

The legislation was sent to the Assembly.