Grisanti Sponsored Bill To Award Diplomas To All Veterans

Mark Grisanti

May 07, 2014

Senator Mark Grisanti (R,I-60) announced passed legislation (S6292) today that he sponsored that would make all veterans eligible for "Operation Recognition," which allows veterans to be awarded a high school degree based on their knowledge and experience gained while in the military. 


Operation Recognition, which is a nationwide effort, currently allows honorably discharged veterans of World War II, Korea and the Vietnam wars, to receive their high school diploma. This legislation would expand eligibility for this program to all military service veterans who served in the United States military and did not complete their education after their term of service.


"Thousands of young men and women left high school to serve in the armed forces. Their sacrifice ensured our freedom," Senator Grisanti said. "After their service, many of these veterans were not able to finish high school for various reasons, but they are leading productive lives and building our communities and they deserve our full support. This bill would give all veterans the opportunity to receive their High School diploma if they so desire."


The bill was sent to the Assembly.