Grisanti-Sponsored Bill Regulating Animal Breeders And Pet Stores Signed Into Law

Mark Grisanti

January 10, 2014


Grisanti's sponsorship of bill S.3753 will allow forward-thinking local governments to regulate commercial pet breeders and pet stores and gets tough on puppy mills by addressing the ineffectiveness of New York State's "Pet Dealer" law and the proliferation of unregulated dog breeders in the state.

"The pet industry's complicit support of cruel, out-of-state puppy mills needs to end," said Senator Grisanti. "From what I have been able to gather, unchecked and unregulated dog breeding is everywhere. Prior to this legislation being signed into law by the Governor, New York was the only home-rule state in the country that explicitly prohibits its towns and cities from regulating commercial pet breeders and pet stores. I have heard from elected officials from Western New York about their desire to get tough on these operations so we can help reduce animal suffering."

Inadequate state resources previously made it impossible to detect unlicensed dog breeders who intentionally avoid regulation by quickly selling dogs online and through private sales. Even in some licensed facilities the conditions for animals is questionable, with some dogs spending their entire lives kept inside small enclosures that have wire-floored cages that are stacked upon each other.

"What we had on the books prior to today allowed for overcrowding and problems with ventilation and lighting and the dripping of animal urine and feces from the upper cages onto the cages and animals below," Grisanti said. "These poor animals are crammed into filthy structures and rarely if ever have access to fresh air. On the other hand, there have been reported instances of some dogs spending their entire lives outdoors where they are permanently exposed to the elements and not properly groomed. As the owner of two dogs, I know all about the love and attention that animals need and how they can return that same affection to their owners. No animal should ever have to suffer because of someone's obvious neglect and blatantly irresponsible behavior."

Senator Grisanti's legislation is supported by various animal rights organizations, including the ASPCA, the Erie County SPCA, New York State Citizens Against Puppy Mills and the New York State Animal Protective Federation.

"I am pleased my bill was signed into law and I thank Governor Cuomo for helping get these new regulations on the books," Grisanti said. "I also want to thank all of the animal rights advocates and anyone else who called or e-mailed or shared information with me about how to better regulate animal breeders and pet store owners. Their experience and expertise helped us draft this legislation. I look forward to continuing to work to make New York one of the best state's in the nation when it comes to identifying and fighting animal cruelty."

Senator Grisanti has been the past recipient of prestigious honors for other pet protection bills he has sponsored, including the ASPCA's Humane Leadership Award and special recognition from the Western New York Veterinary Association for his commitment to animals and for serving as a leader in the prevention of animal abuse.