Mark Grisanti is Getting People Back To Work

Mark Grisanti

October 24, 2011

One of the main focuses in the improvement of Western New York is bringing and finding jobs locally around the area. As the State Senator for the 60th district below are key links and articles to assist the constituents of Buffalo, Grand Island, and Niagara Falls looking for employment, and helpful hunting tips. Not only is it important to find an open job in the city but to be completely prepared when that interview day comes. This website is dedicated to you and your search for employment. As the community grows and new information is available it will be updated to the website. We welcome your feedback, if you have any questions or comments please contact us at:

Click on the links below for popular search engines in WNY:

NYS Labor Employment

Buffalo Employment & Training Center

Monster Jobs

Buffalo Job Finder

WNY Jobs

Indeed Jobs

Buffalo Jobs

Career Builder


Simply Hired

Buffalo Niagara Jobs

University of Buffalo Employment

Jobs in Buffalo

USA Jobs


 Click on the links below to read articles about finding job opportunities:

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Networking Your Way to Your Next Job

Little Things Count Most in Getting a Job

How to job hunt in a stubborn job market

Why Your College Major Doesn’t Matter

How to use your time in a job hunt

Out of Work? Hire Yourself

Click on the links below to read articles about resume Building:

How to Use a Reference Letter in a Job Search

Should you ditch the cover letter?

Eight Cover Letter Don't

3 Simple Ways to Make Your Resume and Cover Letter Work Together

5 Ways to Improve Your Cover Letter Introduction

Avoid the Top Ten Resume Mistakes

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Click on the links below to read articles about how to have a successful interview:

3 Ways to Demonstrate Emotional Intelligence in a Job Interview

What to Eat Before an Interview

Conquering a phone interview

Tips for Branding Yourself in an Interview

Important Questions to Ask at Your Interview

Remember Your Manners :)

Why You Don’t Have to Explain Everything on your Resume

What Your Body Language Is Saying During the Interview

Brand New You

Could Your Interview Style Use a Seven Second Delay?


Click on the links below for local News links for Jobs:

Buffalo News

City Of Buffalo

Business First