New York State Senate passes unit pricing bill to make shopping for value easier for consumers

Mark Grisanti

June 06, 2012

   The New York State Senate today passed a bill (S.7277A), sponsored
by Senator Mark Grisanti, that would require certain retail chain stores to
disclose their unit pricing in an effort to make shopping less confusing
for customers looking for the best values. The changes would only affect
stores with more than $2.5 million in annual sales.

       “More and more, we’re seeing food and other products sold in
varying sizes, containers and packaging, making it confusing and difficult
at times to figure out the best value,” said Senator Grisanti. “In light of
our current economic challenges, more and more families are tightening
their belts when shopping for necessities and food. Requiring certain
stores to post their unit prices will only make shopping for the best value
easier for families throughout the state.”

       Consumers are faced with an array of packages for items such as
soap, coffee, cosmetics, detergents, and paper products, as well as some
foods, including pet foods. Unit pricing is the only true means a customer
has to find the best value between brands and packaging sizes.

       The Department of Agriculture and Markets receives numerous
consumer complaints about discount chain stores that claim to be exempt
from unit pricing requirements. This bill would allow the Department to
better enforce the law and respond to those consumer complaints.

       The bill will be sent to the Assembly.