Senator Grisanti Co-Sponsors "Jackie's Law"

Mark Grisanti

May 29, 2013

" I am proud to be a co- sponsor of "Jackie's Law" in the New York State Senate. Now, with bi-partisan support this piece of legislation has a realty of passing the New York State Senate. Installing a GPS device is a form of stalking that must be stopped.  With the introduction of new technology, our laws must be changed to keep up with criminals in order  to protect victims of domestic violence and other related crimes."

- Senator Mark Grisanti ( R,I-60)

The proposed legislation will update the State's penal code under "Unlawful Surveillance in the Second Degree" to include GPS tracking devices.

Under the current laws, it is not illegal to put a GPS tracking device on someone's vehicle without their consent - even if it is for the purposes of stalking.

Under "Jackie's Law," it will become a class "E" felony with violators facing up to four years in jail.