Senator Grisanti Sponsors Bill to Prevent Blackouts on Cable TV

Mark Grisanti

February 07, 2012

Senator Mark Grisanti is co-sponsoring legislation to amend the public service law in relation to requiring negotiation of fair terms between cable television franchisees and competing independent cable channel.

“In Western New York we are not able to watch Buffalo Sabres hockey games on television if you have Time Warner Cable due to these unfair negotiations,” said Senator Grisanti. “Since terms cannot be reached we want the public service commission to amend the law so that the parties must conduct an arbitration.”

Time Warner Cable has been negotiating with MSG for over a year, but no deal has been reached to bring MSG’s networks and the Sabres game back to Time Warner Cable customers.

“It is essential we take the lead on this issue,” said Senator Grisanti. “In the State of New York we need to negotiate fairly so we do not leave viewers in the dark. By requiring arbitration, this will ensure these negotiations are done in a fair and timely manner so that all parties come out successful.”

Senator Grisanti is the first lawmaker from Western New York and the first Republican to co-sponsor this bill.