Senator Grisanti Strongly Opposed to Bicycle License Legislation

Mark Grisanti

March 01, 2011

Chairman of State Senate’s Environmental Conservation Committee calls proposal ‘outrageous’

New York State Senator Mark Grisanti (60th District) issued a statement today strongly opposing proposed legislation that would require every bicycle in New York State to have a license plate.

“In a day and age where we should be encouraging healthy travel and “green” living and during a time when gasoline prices have gone through the roof and are expected to rise even higher, I am strongly opposed to this proposal,” Senator Grisanti said. “As the chair of the Senate’s Environmental Conservation Committee, I believe this is shameful that any elected official is even considering the possibility of introducing a measure that would charge bicyclists user fees and yearly renewal fees.”

The proposed legislation includes language that calls for a registration and inspection fee of $25 for every “private” bicyclist and $50 for “commercial” bicyclists, with a $5 fee every subsequent year to renew the license.

“I campaigned heavily to stop the increase on meaningless fees and licensees,” Sen. Grisanti said. “This outrageous proposal would severely damage the amount of money my constituents can put back in their pocket. I cannot support this measure in any way, shape or form.”


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