Senator Grisanti Was Most Productive Senator From Western New York During 2013 Legislative Session

Mark Grisanti

July 01, 2013


"Every day I am fighting for the best interests of Western New Yorkers and the numbers from this report show just that," said Senator Mark Grisanti.


NYPIRG's recent analysis of the 2013 New York State Legislative Session found that Sen. Grisanti had the most pieces of legislation pass both the Senate and the Assembly when compared to his colleagues from Western New York.

Sen. Grisanti, who was first elected to office in 2010 and is currently serving his second term, sponsored a total of 156 bills. He sponsored 42 bills that passed in the Senate and had 20 bills pass both houses, ranking him eighth out of the 63 members of the Senate. In addition, Sen. Grisanti had perfect attendance in 2013 and has never missed a vote in his three legislative sessions.


"We had a very busy year in Albany and I was pleased with the continued progress we made on a number of important pieces of legislation," said Grisanti. "There is still more work that needs to be done and I look forward to continuing to serve my constituents by maximizing my efficiency with regards to passing new laws by working hard both in Albany and back home in Buffalo."


The New York Public Interest Research Group is a New York State-wide student-directed, non-partisan political organization that has been in operation since 1973.


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