Senator Grisanti's Legislatio​n Calls For Change To Plea Bargaining For Traffic Tickets In The City Of Buffalo

Mark Grisanti

June 18, 2014

The New York State Senate passed legislation today sponsored by Senator Mark Grisanti (R-I, Buffalo) that would allow the City of Buffalo to adjudicate traffic violations with the option of having a plea bargain.


New York State currently handles traffic tickets within the city and does not allow plea bargaining, a major contrast to the plea bargaining system that is made available to all other municipalities throughout the state, including all other cities, towns and villages in Western New York. 


Under the proposed law, drivers would be allowed to argue if the fine should be reduced. Drivers that commit serious violations could go to driving school to make sure points are not added to their record and that their insurance rates do not increase.


The bill is supported by the mayor of the City of Buffalo as well as the Buffalo Common Council, who recently passed a home rule in support of this. Similar legislation was passed in 2011. The bill will now be sent to the State Assembly.

"The lack of plea bargaining in Buffalo raises insurance rates and is a detriment to city residents and anyone who works or visits the city," said Senator Grisanti. "I am glad to have the support of our city officials and remain hopeful that the members of the Assembly will support this measure and help to introduce it into law."