Senator Grisanti's Statement on Proposed Redistricting Plans

Mark Grisanti

January 26, 2012

Throughout the redistricting process, my priority has been to ensure that the communities of Buffalo and Western New York maintain strong representation in Albany. In the past, downstate political insiders with agendas that conflict with the best interests of our communities have been allowed to influence the redistricting process, often resulting in Western New York being left with gerrymandered districts with peculiar boundaries. 
Having attended the public comment portion of the redistricting process, I know that many individuals expressed their desire to unite communities of interest in the City of Tonawanda, the West Side of Buffalo and Niagara County. The commission clearly heard those concerns and acted accordingly by reconnecting those communities. While we unite communities of interest, the Western New York delegation will continue to work together, without boundary lines, to serve the people of Western New York.
As we now know, my area of representation will include the "Waterfront District". I believe that the greatest opportunity for growth, job creation and tax stabilization lies within this area. I will be the leader and the voice in Albany for cultivating our underutilized waterfront.
-Senator Mark Grisanti, 60th District