STAR Re-registration Event in City of Tonawanda

In 2013, New York State initiated a program that all recipients of The Basic STAR Property Tax exemption (Property owners UNDER AGE 65, or those over age 65 whose incomes exceeded $81,900) would have to re-register in order to receive the Basic STAR exemption. This was part of an initiative to protect New Yorkers against fraudulent or inappropriate STAR Exemptions.

The State mailed letters in September to the over 4,500 residents who receive Basic STAR in the City of Tonawanda. Many residents have already registered whether doing it on line or through the State Tax department’s phone system. The deadline for re-registration is December 31st, 2013.

There are still a number of property owners who have not re-registered. Those owners will receive a postcard over the next few weeks from the State. In order to assist those residents who have not re-registered, the City of Tonawanda Assessors office will offer a “STAR RE-REGISTRATION OUTREACH SESSION”. It will take place on Thursday, December at the City of Tonawanda Assessors Office at Tonawanda City Hall, located at 200 Niagara Street in Tonawanda.

The assessor’s office will be open from 8:30am to 7:00 pm that day to assist property owners who have not re-registered. All you need to bring is the Social Security numbers of all owners of the property, including spouses who are not owners and the Assessors staff will assist you in going on-line and doing the re-registration.

PLEASE NOTE- SENIORS OVER AGE 65 WHO RECEIVES ENHANCED STAR AND / OR/LOW INCOME EXEMPTIONS ARE NOT A PART OF THE BASIC STAR RE-REGISTARTION. They are part of the annual RENEWAL Program. They were notified by the City in October about their RENEWAL, or are part of the automatic Income Verification. Renewal program .If you are unsure, please notify the Assessor’s office.

For more information, call 716-695-8639.