Senator Mark Walczyk Fires Back Against Attorney General's Filing To Block Amicus Brief

Today, Senator Walczyk’s office is learning that an Amicus Brief that Senate and Assembly Republicans submitted for the Antonyuk V. Nigrelli court case, has been denied from consideration in the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals. This has come directly from the Attorney General Letitia James. In the appeal, the Attorney General’s office offers the following statement; “Proposed Amici’s brief adds nothing drawing on any special expertise they may have.”

The Attorney General is implying that the members of the New York State Legislature do not have enough knowledge on the United States Constitution to wager their opinions in this important legal case. That members, like Senator Walczyk, who debated the CCIA, should not be heard.

“In a crime spike, Tish James is spending time and resources to silence the voice of Republican Legislators. Dumb. We won’t be silenced by those who violate the bill of rights. We’ll take this case to the United States Supreme Court, if that’s what it takes to uphold the constitution.”

Some of the members in the Assembly that represent parts of the 49th Senate District have also added statements.

Assemblyman Matt Simpson (R,C-Horicon) says: Attorney General James continues to show blatant disregard for the legitimate concerns of millions of New Yorkers. It is disheartening and unconscionable to dismiss the experience and knowledge of so many. We must continue fighting to make sure their voices are heard.”

Assemblyman Scott Gray (R-Watertown) and Assemblyman Ken Blankenbush (R,C-Black River) said the following:

“Law-abiding gun owners continue to have their constitutional rights trampled by Albany Democrats. The attorney general’s block of our amicus brief will not deter us from advocating for gun owners rights protected under the Second Amendment. We are the people’s representatives and should absolutely be involved in this process which is why we look forward to moving this case forward with Sen. Walczyk.”