“New York City Council to Declare War on Small Business Owners” Says Senator Marty Golden

Martin J. Golden

April 24, 2012

Golden Blasts Legislation That Hurts Small Business Owners and Unfairly Rewards Street Vendors

Brooklyn – State Senator Martin J. Golden (R-C-I, Brooklyn), a former small business owner, merchant leader and member of the New York City Council, today is emphatically criticizing legislation being considered today by the New York City Council Consumer Affairs Committee that unfairly rewards street vendors.

The NYC Council Committee on Consumer Affairs will consider two bills, Int. 434-2010 and Int. 435-2010, legislation that reduces the maximum fine amount on violations, and legislation that would make increased violation amounts only applicable when a the same class of violation is repeatedly committed.

Senator Marty Golden stated, “Store front merchants in my district, and throughout the City of New York, adamantly oppose the presence of street vendors, who threaten the bottom line of stores that pay rent, utilities and for city services, while being subjected to onerous City regulations. Now, the City Council wants to reward vendors by reducing the cost of violations and rewriting the fine schedule.”

Golden continued, “If the City Council Consumer Affairs Committee approves these two anti-business bills, they will insult every New Yorker who owns and operates a business in the five boroughs. Their logic is wrong, their thinking is plagued with error, and this bill must fail.”

“I have a better idea for the City Council if they are concerned that the City is owed money because vendors are not paying their fines: ENFORCE THE COLLECTION”.