92nd Street Sewer Break Update from DEP

Martin J. Golden

July 02, 2012

DEP will have to dig a trench down 92nd Street, from Fourth to Ridge, to place an emergency sewer.

The contractor will probably start tomorrow morning. DEP will give this flyer out to the residents.


July 2, 2012

Dear Residents:

In connection with the sewer break on 92nd Street, beginning as early as the morning of July 3rd, a DEP contractor will begin excavating a trench and installing an emergency sewer in the middle of 92nd Street between Fourth Avenue and Ridge Boulevard.

We estimate the emergency sewer will take as long as a week to install. In the meantime, DEP and its contractors will continue our work to excavate and repair the 70-foot deep sewer whose break has created this emergency.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this emergency work and ask for your continued patience.

In the meantime, please feel free to call Shane Ojar at 718.595.4148 for any additional information or questions you may have.