American Red Cross is Looking for Donations in the Aftermath of Hurricane Irene

Martin J. Golden

September 02, 2011


We are all well aware that Hurricane Irene has left a terrible path of destruction in its wake – not only up and down the East Coast, but in our own back yards.


Many of our friends and neighbors have felt the brunt of the storm’s devastating winds and flooding, which have both taken a painful toll on lives, homes, and property. As we keep them in our thoughts and prayers, many New Yorkers are also looking for ways to lend a helping hand.


Once again, the American Red Cross is leading a major effort to help individuals, families and entire communities recover in this time of need. I encourage you to visit their website,, in order to make a donation that will support their efforts to provide food, water, temporary shelter, and medical services.


New Yorkers have a long and proud tradition of providing aid and relief to those in need. I have no doubt that with our own citizens facing such tremendous immediate and long-term hardship, New Yorkers will once again show their overwhelming generosity and support.