Annual Viking Essay Contest - Scandinavian East Coast Museum

Martin J. Golden

September 16, 2013

During the month of October the Scandinavian East Coast Museum is sponsoring its annual Viking Essay Contest, for children from 4th – 6th grade. This year’s topic is, “Norwegian Traditions,” the 17th of May Parade’s (Norwegian Day Parade) theme for 2013.


We encourage students to do research about Norwegian Traditions: such as food, language, art and culture. A student could also take a different tack and examine themes commonly tied to their culture, such as, exploration, social responsibility and maritime/construction trades. Another approach would be for a student to find a Norwegian tradition that is also common to their ethnic tradition and write about how the connection between the two cultures. We are not looking for a regurgitation of facts, but well researched and written pieces. All essays should be no more than 2 typed pages. (They can be hand written as well.)


The Norwegians have been in our neighborhood, for over 400 years, when New York was a Dutch colony. They founded Lutheran Medical Center, the Norwegian Christian Home & Health Center and many other institutions in the Bay Ridge area. Leif Eriksson Park is named after one of their greatest explorer and contains many Norwegian features, including a Viking ship playground.


Please send essays in by November 30th to:


440 Ovington Avenue

Brooklyn, New York 11209


There will be 2 winners selected. Prizes include: a gift certificate to Nordic Delicacies, Viking Memorabilia, and riding on a replica Viking Ship in the Norwegian Day Parade May 2014.


For further information, please contact Victoria Hofmo at 718-748-5950. If you would like more information about Norwegian contributions and or history in New York, we would be more than happy to provide an educational presentation.