Brooklyn Legislators Urge Reinstatement of Measures to Prevent Medicaid Fraud

Martin J. Golden

February 27, 2012

Brooklyn, NY – State Senator Martin J. Golden and Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis held a press conference today at their Brooklyn District office to discuss the ongoing Medicaid fraud in the State of New York. Senator Golden and Assemblywoman Malliotakis called for the passage of S5402/A7816. These bills call for the reinstatement of the asset testing requirements to qualify for Medicaid. These asset tests were repealed in 2009 and have led to ongoing fraud and abuse without preemptive action.


Senator Golden, the sponsor of S5402, stated, “2010 saw over $5 Billion in Medicaid Fraud in New York. Last year we had dozens of reports of the most wealthy scamming the system and stealing benefits that are meant for the neediest in our society. Today we stand here to say enough is enough. Asset testing simply gives the state and city the power to stop fraud before it stops, and assure that the only people who get government assistance are those who truly need it.”


Assemblywoman Malliotakis, the sponsor of A7816, stated, "Waste, fraud, and abuse is plaguing nearly all of our social service programs, while resources are being taken from people that truly need them by corrupt individuals robbing taxpayer dollars for their own benefit. New York spends approximately 24% more on Medicaid than California, yet California has 17 million more residents. I am proud to join Senator Golden in calling for reinstatement of the Medical Resource Asset Test, as Medicaid fraud costs New York State $5 billion annually and is becoming all too common in our community."