Brooklyn Street, Colonial Gardens, Has Been Found

Martin J. Golden

August 12, 2009

Brooklyn- The residents of Colonial Gardens gathered yesterday to thank Senator Golden for his efforts in having their street sign replaced after a number of years and numerous efforts, causing concern for all residents related to emergency service response and mail delivery.  Colonial Gardens is on Shore Road between 89th Street and 90th Street.

The street sign was installed last week by the Department of Transportation following a request made to Senator Golden at his senior fair held at St. Patrick’s Church in May.

Senator Golden stated, “For years, the residents of Colonial Gardens have had to deal with the confusion and danger of living on an unidentified street. From the accounts I have heard, there were times when the police, the fire department and ambulances simply could not find the block. The lack of a street sign also caused problems with the delivery of mail and parcels, and I hope that with the installation of the sign, these problems will cease to exist.”