Con Edison to Customers: Beware of Scammers and Imposters

Martin J. Golden

September 09, 2011

Con Edison warns its customers to beware of scammers and imposters claiming to be Con Edison employees.


To prevent getting ripped off, Con Edison advises customers to be on alert if anyone asks you by telephone to arrange for prepaid credit cards as payment for your bill, or of sending money to any out-of-state address. These types of payments are not authorized by Con Edison.


We are also advising customers to never arrange payment or divulge account or personal information over the telephone, unless you are certain that you are speaking to an authorized Con Edison representative.


The Con Edison Web Site at offers a variety of approved and convenient options for bill payment. Customers can also speak to a representative at 1-800-75-CONED for answers about their bill or other company-related business.


For meter reading operations, all Con Edison employees arriving at your home or business have visible photo identification badges and wear employee uniforms. Feel free to ask or check for identification before allowing anyone into your home.


Customers who suspect that anyone is misrepresenting themselves as Con Edison employees should call their local police department.