Crimes Against Children: Make the Punishment Fit the Crime

Martin J. Golden

July 13, 2011

Senator Golden Calls for Expedited Legislative Action to Guard Our Youth


Following the death of Brooklyn 9-year-old Leibby Kletzty, Senator Martin J. Golden (R-C-I, Brooklyn), has renewed his call for passage of legislation that would make the intentional murder of a child under 12 years of age a first degree offense.


“As a former police officer, I have responded to many tragic crime scenes. However, no crime scene is as gut-wrenching as one that involves the murder of a child. Those are the kind of memories that nobody can ever forget. By passing this legislation, we would be sending a swift, severe and certain message to those who would prey on our children, while giving parents peace of mind that if something should happen to one of our young people,God forbid, law enforcement will have the tools to bring some measure of justice to the case,” said Senator Golden.


S. 1990, introduced in January of this year by Senator Golden, makes the intentional murder of a child 12 years old and younger a first degree offense. The legislation also amends the definition of torture to the intentional and depraved infliction of extreme physical pain. Golden has asked that S. 1990 be a priority if a special session of the Legislature is called later this year. The bill. A. 6727, is sponsored in the State Assembly by Assemblywoman Claudia Tenney (R-C-I, New Hartford).


“New Yorkers awoke this morning to the horrible news of a barbaric murder of a young Brooklyn boy who was doing nothing more than walking home from summer day camp. This violence has no place on our streets and those who would commit such heinous crimes are a danger to all of society,” continued Senator Golden.


“This is the time for New York State to stand up for all children and families so that tragedies such as this never happen again. The children of New York State deserve every protection possible from the dangers our society, and now more than ever, a necessary law to have on the books. We need to act together . The Senate, Assembly and Governor to protect our most precious resource, our young people.”