Disabled Resident and Family Ask Senator Golden to Urge People to Pick Up After Their Dog

Brooklyn - State Senator Martin J. Golden (R-C-I, Brooklyn) was contacted by Mr. Alfred Piro of Bay Ridge in an attempt to increase awareness about the importance of cleaning up after your dog. His daughter is in a wheelchair and the attached letter is written regarding the problem as it relates to the disabled.


Senator Marty Golden stated, "Those who do not clean up after their dogs destroy the quality of life for all residents, and this letter highlights the impact that it has on our disabled neighbors. I do hope that these concerns raised in this letter will not be ignored. The next time you are out walking your dog, stop and think for a moment, and pick up after your dog."


Senator Golden is also asking the Department of Sanitation to consider again make available "Clean Up After Your Dog Signs".




From Mr. Alfred Piro


I am writing to Senator Golden about dog owners who don't clean up after their dogs and the effect it has on people in wheelchairs. My daughter is wheelchair-bound and the most troublesome thing about getting around Bay Ridge is the dog poop left behind by owners who do not curb and/or clean up after their dogs. Sometimes she doesn't go out because she doesn't feel like dealing with it. She has written the attached letter. I hope that you can publicize this problem, a problem that is an annoyance to many, but a truly disgusting problem for the disabled, who already have enough problems to contend with.