Famous Brooklyn Establishment “Hinsch’s” Knocked Out of Business

Martin J. Golden

January 11, 2013

Brooklyn – State Senator Martin J. Golden (R-C-I, Brooklyn), a former leader of the 5th Avenue Board of Trade, has issued the following statement today in response to the announcement that a famous Brooklyn restaurant and ice cream parlor “Hinsch’s” will close on March 1st.


“What a shame – we are witnessing an end of era before our eyes. Unfortunately, it was only a matter of time before a long standing food business would suffer unsustainable financial losses and have to shutter their doors. As Hinsch’s begins preparations to close within the next 6 weeks, I invite residents to go there for a final meal. Look out the windows while you are there and realize that in large part, the thriving food cart industry on the corner, has closed Hinsch’s.


The vendors have won this battle but we can’t allow this continue. As they park on our sidewalks and serve food from their carts rent free, their impact on business has and continues to be felt. In this struggling economy, business paying rent and utilities are finding each day harder to compete against these carts, and for some, they reach a point when they know that there profit margin is gone forever.


This is a sad day for Bay Ridge, for Brooklyn and for New York City. And the travesty is that until regulations are created that make the playing field more equitable for brick and mortar restaurants and food carts, we will continue to see food establishments close because there is just simply no way to compete.”