Golden: Bills Approved by State Senate Would Mandate Drunk Driving Tests for All Major Crashes and Strengthen Penalties for Drivers Whom Hit Pedestrians

Martin J. Golden

June 19, 2012

Albany- State Senator Martin J. Golden (R-C-I, Brooklyn), after the New York State Senate passed S562 and S1835, which increase protections for victims of auto accidents and strengthen penalties for those who cause them, released the follow statement:

“Today the State Senate stood up for the victims of automobile crashes and their families. I am proud to have voted to support both of these bills. It is time that we make sure that dangerous and unlawful driving is punished appropriately.

For too long the penalties for reckless driving when a pedestrian is injured or killed have not been strict enough and today we say that is not acceptable. Year after year, we have allowed drivers in serious auto-accidents to not have their blood alcohol level checked. We are sending a message from the State Senate to motorists all across New York that says that we want to make our roads safe, our sidewalks safe, and our communities safe again. I call on my colleagues in the Assembly to pass these measures before the end of session so we can ensure New York is a safe place to live, work, and raise a family.”

Senate Bill 562 requires investigating officers to field test and test blood alcohol levels of all drivers involved in auto accidents where serious physical injury or death occur.

Senate Bill 1835 establishes new criminal sanctions and enhances existing criminal sanctions in order to adequately deter and punish motorists who injure or kill pedestrians or other drivers as a result of dangerous and unlawful driving.