Malliotakis, Golden Renews Push to Ban Tattooing, Piercing of Pets

Martin J. Golden

March 11, 2014

ALBANY- Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis (R,C,I-Brooklyn, Staten Island) today reintroduced her legislation to prohibit dogs, cats and other companion animals from receiving surgical procedures with no medical benefit, or for cosmetic or aesthetic purposes such as tattoos, piercing, and tummy tucks. The legislation was originally introduced in 2012 after Malliotakis viewed "Pet Crazy," a documentary about such behavior on "20/20." Malliotakis is renewing her calls for passage of the bill after recent reports in the New York Post about Brooklyn tattoo artist “Mistah Metro,” who bragged about inking his dog with a heart and his wife’s name while the animal was drugged after surgery. Senator Marty Golden is sponsoring the legislation in the Senate.


“Animals should not undergo cosmetic surgeries, tattoos and piercing, not only because it is cruel, but general anesthesia puts them at a tremendous health risk. Seeing this practice become more and more common is incredibly disturbing. These animals can not give consent and end up suffering from the pain of recovery and possible infection, or post-surgery complications,” said Malliotakis.


Senator Marty Golden (R-C-I, Brooklyn) stated, "As an owner of two dogs, I am horrified by how people mistreat animals that have long have been rightly named 'man's best friend'. Tattooing a dog is a form of abuse, and New York State should not stand for it. I look forward to continuing efforts, alongside my colleague, Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis, to see that this barbaric action ceases to exist in the Empire State."


In 2012, the bill gained support from local animal rights advocates, including Anarchy Animal Rescue of Staten Island, No More Tears Rescue and New York State Veterinary Medicine Society.


According to a recent story from the New York Post, Brooklyn tattoo master Mistah Metro declared, “My dog is cooler than yours!” in an Instagram post. The photo showed what appeared to be his sleeping pit bull, Zion, sporting the romantic tattoo with Metro declaring, “She had her spleen removed yesterday, and the vet let me tattoo her while she was under.”