National Grid Sandy Relief Program

The first program is for those whose homes have a Warning Tag and the gas shut off. Before the gas can be reconnected, you will need to get a plumber to certify that your gas equipment is in proper working order to avoid any additional damage. You will receive a $150 credit from National Grid, applied to your bill, to help defray the cost of that plumbing inspection. You can read a letter from Ken Daly, President of National Grid New York, about this first program.


The second program, National Grid Recovery Grant, is to fix or replace your gas equipment, if either is needed. To qualify for a Grant, you must have received a HEAP (HOME ENERGY ASSISTANCE PROGRAM) grant. You must first get a "Customer Eligibility Number" from National Grid by calling 877-696-4743, and then your plumber must complete a Recovery Assistance Application to receive direct reimbursement from this fund.