Restore the B37 Bus Coalition!

Martin J. Golden

December 17, 2013

Since the 2010 elimination of the B37 Bus, folks in southwest Brooklyn have struggled getting around. The elimination of the bus service adversely impacted the elderly, disabled, families, youth, and persons with chronic illnesses as they disproportionately relied on the bus to access their health services and traveling to city agencies in downtown Brooklyn.

During this past Summer, our efforts paid off and the MTA announced the reinstatement of the B37 bus. We thank the MTA for carefully listening to our public transit concerns over the past few years. However, we have concerns with the current proposed restoration for the B37 bus such as: 1. Reinstating the B37 in mid-2014; 2. Shortening of the B37 route; and 3. Having the B37 run only between 6am-11pm.

Our seniors, families, folks with disabilities, workers, and young people have found it challenging to travel to places such as the Lutheran Family Health Center in Sunset Park, to the new Barclays Center, to work along the waterfront in Sunset Park and Gowanus, and to shopping centers and medical appointments in Bay Ridge.

We are asking the MTA to:

1) Restore the B37 earlier in 2014, which would alleviate these issues, and offer our most vulnerable riders the comfort of a warm seat on a bus during the winter months.

2) Fully restore the route to Court Street, which would give passengers a one-seat ride to government agencies, such as Borough Hall.

3) Provide twenty-four hour service, which would provide safe and reliable service for workers commuting to businesses that open early in the morning or close late at night.

We need your help!

We urge to take a stand and let the MTA know that we need our B37 BUS FULLY RESTORED!

We are asking you to do make your voice heard by:

1. Calling the MTA by dialing 511 and asking them to fully restore the B37 and bring it back sooner!

2. Signing the petition at:

Thank you for your continued support of these efforts to get the B 37 bus restored. As always, feel free to contact me if I can be of assistance.