Senate Report: Cut Red Tape to Create Jobs in New York State

Martin J. Golden

January 15, 2014

To make New York State more economically competitive, we all know we have to reduce taxes and control spending. But, we also need to focus on efforts to eliminate unnecessary red tape and regulations that stifle the private sector’s ability to create new jobs.


My colleagues and I in the New York State Senate Majority Coalition have just issued a comprehensive report to highlight specific rules, regulations and practices that may put New York’s businesses at a competitive disadvantage. The report is the product of surveys, meetings, community outreach and the input of over 100 business owners, advocacy organizations and individuals that participated in one of nine industry-specific public forums conducted throughout the State. Those who participated identified more than 2,000 rules and regulations that should be reviewed.


(Click here for more on this bipartisan fact-finding effort.)


Over the course of these nine hearings, we heard time and again from employers and entrepreneurs about the myriad ways New York State is holding them back.


With this new report, we have taken another step forward in the effort to tackle the bureaucracy in State government, cut red tape and help create more jobs.


As your State Senator, I will continue my aggressive efforts to reduce the burden on New York’s hardworking taxpayers and support these types of initiatives that help create well-paying, private sector jobs in our region.