Senator Golden’s Graffiti Program Making Quality of Life Better for All Residents

Martin J. Golden

December 15, 2009



Brooklyn- State Senator Marty Golden (R-C-I, Brooklyn) is today announcing that the graffiti removal program, known as City Solve, which he funded to operate in his district beginning this past May, has cleaned 646 sites of graffiti along commercial streets in his district. Senator Golden funded the City Solve graffiti program entirely in the amount of $50,000, for one year, to address the community graffiti problem.


Senator Marty Golden, “I said it when we started this program, and I mean it, that we are entering a period of zero tolerance for graffiti in this community. 646 sites are now graffiti free because of the work of my office and this program and it shows. You can tell, as you walk up and down the streets as you shop, as you dine, and do your errands, that there is in fact less graffiti on our walls and gates. Our quality of life has been getting better every day since this program started in May.”


Senator Golden continued, “Graffiti is not only an eyesore, but it damages property, causes stores to close, people to lose jobs, and creates a sense that we have given up on keeping our community strong. We will not stand for it and this program will continue to be my partner in eradicating graffiti from our neighborhood.”


The City Solve Program surveys the community and removes graffiti from store fronts, gates, and brick walls. The program both cleans and follows up on each location where graffiti was removed for maintenance. Each month, the program vehicles drive through the community and conduct an inspection, so to return where graffiti has reappeared for removal purposes.


The following is a listing of locations where graffiti was removed by street:

1) 3rd Avenue: 72nd to 82nd Street made 8 roll-down security gates, 7 doors/storefronts, 5 building side walls and 3 pieces of street furniture graffiti-free.

2) 5th Avenue: Senator to 94th Street made 34 roll-down security gates, 24 doors/storefronts, 12 building side walls and 8 pieces of street furniture graffiti-free.

3) Avenue T: McDonald Avenue to Stillwell Avenue made 31 roll-down security gates, 6 doors/storefronts, 5 building side walls and 6 pieces of street furniture graffiti-free.

4) Quentin Road: Marine Parkway to Flatbush Avenue made 36 roll-down security gates, 8 doors/storefronts, 2 building side walls and 5 pieces of street furniture graffiti-free.

5) 18th Avenue: New Utrecht to 65th Street made 99 roll-down security gates, 16 door/storefronts, 4 building side walls and 9 pieces of street furniture graffiti-free.

6) 86th Street: 14th Avenue to Bay Parkway made 100 roll-down security gates, 15 doors/storefronts, 9 building side walls and 4 pieces of street furniture graffiti-free.

7) Kings Highway: Stillwell to McDonald Avenues

made 56 roll-down security gates, 11 doors/storefronts, 3 building sides and 1 piece of street furniture.

In addition, Senator Golden’s office received 109 individual graffiti complaints from local residents.

Residents wishing to report the existence of graffiti on properties can request they be cleaned by calling Senator Golden’s office at (718) 238-6044 or via e-mail at