Senator Golden: “If Others Believe to Be Victims of Pappas, They Should Contact the Nypd”

Martin J. Golden

December 30, 2011

Brooklyn – State Senator Martin J. Golden (R-C-I, Brooklyn) has

issued the following statement regarding the arrest of Steven Pappas,

charged with a sexual assault of a Brooklyn teenager, and who today is

being charged in a second incident involving another youngster:


“As we have learned today that this recent sexual assault, under the

guise of law enforcement personnel, is not the only recent victim of Steven

Pappas, if others believe to be victims, I encourage them to come forward

and contact the New York City Police Department.


No one should be afraid to seek the protection of the law and we must

see that this criminal is charged rightly. I hope that there are no other

victims, but if there are, they should contact law enforcement so that true

justice can be served in this case. If convicted, this man should never be

considered for parole, and should never see the light of day.”