Senator Golden Announced the Department of Education Revocation of the CoLocation of the New American Academy at IS 278

Martin J. Golden

March 03, 2011

Brooklyn – State Senator Marty Golden (R, C) is pleased to announce that the community voice has been heard on the co-location of the New American Academy at Marine Park Junior High School.

Senator Golden stated “Once again my constituents came forth with opposition to a Department of Education plan for IS 278 and I made sure that they were heard. It is with great satisfaction that I announce this victory.

Marine Park Junior High is an asset to the community and I will continue to push forth their needs in future conversations with the Department of Education. The desire for a NEST program at this location has been brought to my attention and I feel it would further assist this hard working community. The children served by a NEST program would greatly benefit from the location in Marine Park.”

If you have any suggestions for what you would like to see located at IS 278 or if you have any questions or concerns please contact 718-238-6044 or