Senator Golden Announces City to Take Action on Abandoned Brooklyn Home

Martin J. Golden

July 26, 2012

Brooklyn – State Senator Martin J. Golden (R-C-I, Brooklyn) is proud to announce that after efforts spanning many years, a demolition order has been issued by the New York City Department of Buildings, and coordinated efforts are underway with the New York City Department of Housing, Preservation and Development, to take down to ground level, a dilapidated home at 237-79th Street in Brooklyn.


The most recent inspection found unsafe conditions present with the home’s structure and the City’s action is expected within the next two weeks.


Senator Marty Golden stated, “My staff and I have worked with the City of New York over the years to see that this property is regularly inspected and conditions are checked by the Health and Buildings Departments. I am glad that a final resolution has been reached that will improve the quality of life of this block which has had to endure this dangerous eyesore for so many years. “


Golden continued, “This community was just witness to a collapse of an abandoned, poorly maintained home, and the planned action by the City will make sure that the same thing does not happen at this location. Today, we reiterate that safety is the priority and we send a message that our neighborhood will not accept the ruination and endangerment of a block at the hands of a property owner.”


Senator Golden is urging area residents to contact his office to report the presence of abandoned properties throughout his district so that additional locations can be brought to the attention of City officials.