Senator Golden Announces Return of Seven Day a Week Corner Basket Pickup in South Brooklyn

Martin J. Golden

November 01, 2011

State Senator Martin J. Golden (R-C-I, Brooklyn) after meeting with the Department of Sanitation, is pleased to report a return of seven day a week pick-up for corner baskets throughout Bay Ridge and Dyker Heights. Currently corner baskets are picked up at most six days a week in the area, causing residents and shop owners alike to live some days with dirty, trash covered avenues.

Senator Golden stated the following on the service return:

"I am proud, after several months of conversations with the Department of Sanitation, to report the resumption of the seven day pick-ups. It will ensure that our neighborhood is clean. Trash thrown throughout the streets is bad for our residents, bad for our business owners, and bad for our city. Clean streets give residents a sense of pride in their community and we need to restore that.

"The Department of Sanitation deserves a great deal of credit. By creatively readjusting their existing resources they have worked within their already confined budget restraints to provide daily litter basket service."

Fran Vella-Marone, President of the Dyker Heights Civic Association stated:

"The return of seven day basket pick-up is great news for everyone who shops or lives in Bay Ridge and Dyker Heights. I want to thank Senator Golden for keeping an open dialogue with the Department of Sanitation and working for the last several months to get us back our necessary city services."

The seven day basket pickup will begin immediately, with baskets on 3rd Avenue, 4th Avenue, 5th Avenue, Fort Hamilton Parkway, and 13th Avenue receiving pickup seven days.