Senator Golden Announces Traffic Light Approved for Installation on Shore Road

Martin J. Golden

July 28, 2010

State Senator Marty Golden (R-C-I, 22nd District) announces the Department of Transportation’s approval for the installation of a traffic light at the intersection of Shore Road and Ridge Boulevard. The installation should be completed by November 30, 2010.

Senator Golden had received numerous concerns from residents of the Shore Road area and therefore, requested that the Department of Transportation conduct a traffic study, which ultimately resulted in approval for the traffic light installation.

“I like to believe that the motto, ‘See something, say something,’ not only refers to vigilant observance of possible criminal activity, but also to reporting any safety hazards in our local community. I rely on my constituents for their suggestions to improve the safety of our neighborhood and I thank those who came forward to express their concern about the intersection of Shore Road and Ridge Boulevard,” Senator Golden explained.

The intersection of Shore Road and Boulevard has been of concern to residents throughout the years, especially due to speeding on Shore Road. The long stretch of Shore Road without many traffic calming mechanisms in place encourages speeding and places pedestrians and motorists at risk.

“I hope that this traffic light with reduce reckless driving on Shore Road and will enable better driving habits for local residents. If residents notice dangerous locations or intersections that should be considered for a traffic light or a stop sign, they are encouraged to contact my office. We will request traffic studies in an effort to enhance the safety of our community,” noted Senator Golden.

In the Spring, Senator Golden received a response from the Transportation Department that at his request, they were refurbishing all “25 M.P.H.” speed limit signs and “Curve” warning signs, as well as attaching “15 M.P.H.” advisory plates to the “Curve” signs all along Shore Road. Senator Golden has also been in communication with the 68th Precinct and has requested additional enforcement along Shore Road to reduce speeding.